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Kerala State Warehousing Corporation (KSWC) functions under Warehousing Corporation Act 1962(Central Act 58/1962). All types of agricultural commodities, seeds, manures and other notified commodities offered for deposit are accepted for storage in Warehouses.

Container Freight Station at Thripunitura, Kochi functions with Mechanised handling, Computerized documentation, 8000 MT Godown for Storage, Container Parking Yard, Dormitory facilities for truck operators , fool proof security arrangements etc.

Kerala State Warehousing Corporation prepares projects and Technical and economic feasibility reports in respect of all aspects of construction of godown and warehousing facilities. The Corporation has offered its helping hand to Govt. Agencies, Public Sector Organisations in designing and construction of buildings and godowns making use of the technical know-how and personnels available with the civil engineering wing of the Corporation.

KSWC undertakes Disinfestation Extension Services at the request of farmers, traders, Industrialists etc. on short calls as well as on yearly contract basis as per the request of the customers. KSWC is approved as the fumigation agency in the State on granting “ The Certificate of Approval of Fumigation Agency/ Organization” by the Directorate of Plant Protection - Quarantine & Storage, Ministry of Agriculture, Govt. of India.

Kerala State Warehousing Corporation has formulated very effective Anti- Coagulant Rat Poison Bait in the name of “ RODOFOE”. The certificate of Registration for the same has been obtained from the Central Insecticides Board and Registration Committee, Ministry of Agriculture, Govt. of India vide Reg. No. CIR-47,436/2004 - Bromodiolone (RB) (241)-89. License to manufacture this product has been granted by the Directorate of Agriculture, Govt. Of Kerala vide License No.P.M49/04-05 dated 27-4-2004. KSWC acts as a Nodal Agency to supply the rat poison bait ' RODOFOE' for the Govt. level Rat Control Campaigns in the state.

Govt. Of Kerala vide GO. No. 410/2004/Agri. Dated 19-3-2004 included KSWC in the list of Agencies for the supply of Agriculture inputs and fertilizers to the Agriculture Department.

Kerala State Warehousing Corporation provides a package of services briefed as below.

  1. Provision of space to accept notified commodities from various clients.
  2. Acts as an enabler for credit through pledge of negotiable warehouse receipts with


  • Scientific storage through a chain of 60 number of warehouses scattered all over

the state at reasonable rates.

  • Helps the depositors to keep their goods indemnified against loss of damage due to

fire, and burglary.

  1. Handling and Wagon clearance, Transport facilities to depositors like major

fertilizer companies etc. on their request on actual plus nominal supervisory charges.

  1. Container House Stuffing , open yard and godown facility.
  2. Godown facilities are provided on area reservation basis on attractive terms.
  3. Acting as a procuring agent of Govt. for Rubber, Copra and other Agricultural commodities under Price Support Scheme.
  4. Special storage for Hygroscopic commodities like fertilizer, sugar, chemicals etc.
  5. Acting as a quality control agent for public sector undertaking etc. for purchase of food grain and other agricultural products.
  • Disinfestation Extension Service at the door steps of farmers, traders,

co-operatives, and Govt. Organization at economical rates.

  1. Fumigation of stores, record rooms, ship, libraries, containers, including exportable commodities.
  2. Spraying against the formation of cob-web and controlling of spiders in offices, Hotels, factories etc..
  3. Spraying against weed in the premises of godowns , Factories, Hotels etc.
  4. General disinfestation work in Airport, Railway Coaches etc.
  5. Spraying of organic pesticide against Eriophid Mite on coconut palms in the state under state Govt.
  6. Antitermite treatment for pre and post construction structures.
  7. Periodical chemical bating to control Mice, Rat, Bandicoots in stores, factories, residential building.

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